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    8:00am & 12 noon
    Sat: 8:00am in the All Saints Chapel unless otherwise specified

    Confessions: Saturday, 2:30 - 3:30pm in Church

Glory Bees
Glory Bees

The Glory Bees ~ Who We Are: We're a Women's Club for those ladies of our Parish, particularly those who are busy working (or working at home) and cannot participate in the many activities and ministries offered in our Parish during the weekdays.  Meetings are scheduled between the months of September - June (please watch the bulletin for more information).  Each meeting will have a different theme in a relaxed setting for Fun, Friendship and Faith sharing.  

How We Got Started: Aside from attending Mass on the weekend, many working-aged women have little experience with the Parish of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (unless you fall into the category of dropping off your children for Religious Education classes!).  After sharing this with Fr. Pat, he very much agreed with the need for something to be started.  Through his support and encouragement, the idea took off.  In fact, Fr. Pat even gave us our name!  Now the hope is that many will come!  Would you help in spreading the word and encouraging other to join us?  Come and see what "the buzz" is about!